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PTR 4.1 Updates: Lashtail and Scooter

March 01, 2011
UPDATE: The Little Snail that was previously datamined has been renamed Scooter the Snail according to MMO-Champion's latest PTR notes. Scooter is currently listed as a reward from a Children's Week quest.

Lashtail Hatchling Added
MMO-Champion is reporting another new pet for us from the latest PTR update: Lashtail Hatchling has been added to the game.

If the name seems familiar, it is because the Lashtail Hatchling is currently a quest item for an amusing Horde and Alliance quest chain in Stranglethorn Vale. On live servers it is currently not a true vanity pet. However, with the addition of this item as a trainable spell in 4.1, it looks as though players will be able to keep an adorable little Lashtail Hatchling of their very own.

Hopefully we'll have more information on where and how this pet may be obtained soon, so stay tuned!
Posted by Quintessence
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