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Pet Score FAQ, Plus Improved Collection Filters

February 05, 2013
It's been just over two weeks since we introduced pet score to members of WarcraftPets, along with a bunch of major site updates. Since that time, we've been closely monitoring everyone's scores.

During the first week, we made a few adjustments to our formula and the current formula appears to be working well. The following FAQ explains where things stand as of today:

QuestionHow is pet score calculated?

AnswerYour score is primarily determined by the total number of unique pets you've collected and the quality of those pets. To a lesser extent, your pets' levels play a role. Here is the formula we use to calculate pet score:
   2*(total unique pets)
+  4*(avg. pet level)
+  1*(total common pets)
+  2*(total uncommon pets)
+  3*(total rare pets)
+  5*(total epic pets)
+ 10*(total legendary pets)

   Pet Score
Only unique pets are factored into pet score. Also notice that even though we use a multiplier of 4 to determine the level portion of your score, it's your average pet level that's being assessed. So you'd have to level a lot of pets by several levels to see a real difference in your score.

QuestionHow do you weigh duplicate pets into my stats and pet score?

AnswerWe don't. Duplicate pets do not count toward your stats or pet score in any way.

For example, if you have 75 pets at the max level, but 10 are duplicates, your max level stat will be 65 (despite any pet leveling achievements you may have earned). Any pet that's tinted in orange is considered a duplicate. Only unique pets are used to determine your pet score and other statistics.

QuestionHow do you determine which pets are considered unique or duplicates?

AnswerThe highest level of the highest quality pet (among duplicates) is considered your "unique" pet. Unique pets are the ones factored into your pet stats and pet score. We prioritze pets by quality first, followed by level, and then by whether or not the pet was given a custom name:

Quality   →   Level   →   Name

For example, say you have three of the same pet: a level 23 Uncommom, a level 18 Rare and a level 21 Common named Bob. The level 18 Rare would be considered your "unique" pet because it is the one with the highest rarity (even though it also has the lowest level).

QuestionHow can someone with less pets or pets of a much lower level have a higher score than me?

AnswerIf you look at the formula, you'll notice that the quality of your pets plays a significant role in determining your score. So if someone has more rare pets, their score might be higher even if their unique pet count and average pet level are lower than yours. In fact, even if you have more rare pets than they do, their score might still be higher due to having several more uncommon pets while you have more common and poor quality pets.

Remember — pet score was designed to reward all facets of pet collecting, from rare-hunting to pet-leveling. So the sheer number of pets you have isn't always going to put you on top.

QuestionWhy not rank users according to their pet scores?

AnswerThat's the plan. Within a month or so, everyone on WarcraftPets wll be ranked according to their pet scores rather than total pets collected. This will provide much more depth and variety to the rankings. Additionally, we also plan to expand our Top 50 Collections list to include the Top 500.

Collection Filters and Shortcuts
We know how valuable it is to be able to sort your collection by rarity. Therefore, we've added shortcut links to the stats table found above your pet collection.

New pet collection stats

Simply click on a quality (i.e., the word "Uncommon") to review all of your collected pets of that quality (including duplicates). You can then further break down your list by adding other filters, such as "Source → Pet Battle" to view all wild pets in need of an upgrade.

In addition, when you view any of your collected pets using our pet filters, the list will now show their levels and qualities.

Lastly, we've improved our "Duplicates" filter to show all of your duplicates (including all multiples), as well as the original pet. This allows you to easily compare all instances of the same pet to determine which one is worth upgrading.
Posted by Breanni
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