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Pet Maps, Scaling Abilities, and Site-Wide Ranks

April 26, 2013
Welcome to WarcraftPets' latest round of new features and site updates! We've got some major improvements for you today!

New Location Tab
There's something new in each pet's profile... a Location tab!

New Location Tab

We've teamed up with Wowhead to provide zone maps marked with the location of every pet you can find in the world. Here are a few key features:

  • Location data is powered by the most current data collected by Wowhead. It's further refined based on our own observations. So these are likely to be the most reliable pet maps you'll find!

    Note that we're still in the process of tweaking some data, so if you see any mistakes, please let us know!
  • Simply hover over any pin on the map for exact coordinates.
  • Pet "adds" that join a battle (but aren't native to the zone independently) will provide an alert on the map in place of pins.

Popup Locations
For added convenience, maps are also accessible through a pet's tooltip. Just click on the lightly underlined zone and the map will open in a lightbox popup. This is particularly helpful when using our Pets by Zone feature.

Pop-up Locations
Abilities Scale with Level, Rarity and Breed
Have you ever wondered precisely how much damage that pet you're leveling will do with its primary attack at level 25? Or how well it will heal?

Well, wonder no more!

Now when you adjust the level, quality, and breed using the stat calculator (found in each pet's Battle Info tab), the pet's battle abilities (shown beneath) will scale according to your choices. So you can see the exact damage and healing values done by any pet of any possible configuration!

Abilities Scale with Level, Rarity and Breed

Site-Wide Rankings
By popular demand, we've added your realm ranking and your site-wide ranking to your pet collection stats.

Site-Wide Rankings

Site-wide rankings are first determined by pet score, then by the total number of collected pets, and lastly by your most recent login date.

This feature helps you to easily see your realm standing and how close you are to ranking on our Top 500 Collections list without having to check those pages.

Thanks for Your Continued Support!
Updates like these are made possible through the continued support of players like you. We'd like to extend an extra special thanks to our Site MVPs, who have gone above and beyond to support our efforts. You guys are the greatest!smiley
Posted by Breanni
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