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Pet Interactions: Cats Now Sit In Your Lap and Other Fun Interactions

July 20, 2015
If I Fits, I Sits
It was recently brought to our attention by a WarcraftPets user that the Savage Cub now performs a new and unique animation.

Savage Cub sitting in lap
If you target it and emote /sit, your pet will walk over to you and jump into your lap for a snuggle (pictured right).

After further testing, it was discovered that this new interaction works with nearly all of the feline pet models, including less conventional cats (listed below).

However one cat, the Feline Familiar, is finickier than the rest and does not respond to the emote. Perhaps she feels our laps are inferior to her flying broom!

It's speculated that the new animation for feline battle pets was implemented with the release of Patch 6.2. Regardless of when this change occurred, it's a wonderful and fun update to older cat models.

More Pet Interactions
Plump Turkey interacting with a campfire
Pet interactions were a part of the game long before Pet Battles became a feature.

From the Disgusting Oozeling providing a green-colored aura and debuff, to the Searing Scorchling setting fire to nearby critters, there are some pets that have entertaining animations.

Here are just a few other pets to play with.

  • Dread Hatchling - A heart appears over its head when the player summons the Raven Lord mount or Dread Raven mount.
  • Filthling - Spews liquid onto the player, applying a Filthy buff for 10 seconds which turns the player a brownish-green color.
  • Waving at Trunks
  • Jubling - Drinks from a Dark Iron Ale Mug.
  • Mojo - Turns you into a frog when you target it and emote /kiss.
  • Pengu and Mr. Chilly - Does a belly slide when you target it and spam the emote /sexy.
  • Plump Turkey - "Finds its destiny" when near a campfire. (pictured above right)
  • Trunks - Emoting /wave while targeting it will turn you temporarily translucent. (pictured right)

Pet Filter - See all pets with interactions

To view the full list of pets with interactions, check out our Pet Filter. Select "Has Interactivity" under Pet Properties and then Apply Filters.

It's always exciting to come across a brand new animation, especially if they're unexpected as in the case with feline battle pets. New or old — which pet do you enjoy interacting with the most?
Posted by Quintessence
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Rating: 0   [Report]

Why Feline Familiar?  Why don't you love me?!

Aug 31, 2015 at 9:42pm | Edits: 0 | Durotan-us | Pets: 1316 Compare collections | Score: 10439
Rating: 0   [Report]

This and the mirror are probably my two favorite pet-related things added to date. Sadly, though, it looks like the kitties won't lap-sit if you're in any kind of instance, not just LFR. They'll run up to you as if they're about to hop, but then they just stand there and stare at you. :<

Aug 25, 2015 at 5:35am | Edits: 0 | Silvermoon-us | Pets: 1455 Compare collections | Score: 11487
Site MVPRifkin 
Rating: 0   [Report]

I would have thought that the guardian cub would be included too, as it is described as a "tiny winged lion" and is also included in the Crazy Cat achievement

Jul 24, 2015 at 10:52pm | Edits: 0 | Caelestrasz-us | Pets: 1366 Compare collections | Score: 8572
Site MVPElena 
Rating: 0   [Report]

I LOVE the /sit interaction. Sadly it does not seem to work for all races. I could not get it to happen with any of the kitties on my undead female.

Jul 22, 2015 at 11:04pm | Edits: 0 | Turalyon-us | Pets: 871 Compare collections | Score: 4758
Site MVPGreenstar 
Rating: 0   [Report]

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in LFR (HFC).  Just when you need the comfort of a kitty on your lap!

Jul 22, 2015 at 8:48pm | Edits: 0 | Deathwing-us | Pets: 1681 Compare collections | Score: 13444
Rating: +1   [Report]

I would think that if the sapphire cub works, the Zipao Tiger should as well.  Tested, but does not work.


Something I did find very cute, is that you can use the and the /sit with pet targeted to make 2 cats cuddle!  SOOOO cute!

Jul 22, 2015 at 3:29pm | Edits: 2 | Bladefist-us | Pets: 926 Compare collections | Score: 5234
Top RaterNeofox 
Rating: 0   [Report]

One of my top favorites is the interaction between Grunty and the Zergling! Those are both pretty rare, so good luck finding someone to demonstrate for you. I have Grunty, but not the zergling, so it's a real joy when I see someone running around with a zergling--you know a Terran/Zerg battle is about to break loose! (Unfortunately, after much testing, the zergling seems to win about 75% of the time. Grunty just has a hard time getting his gauss rifle ready and aimed fast enough.)

Jul 22, 2015 at 6:44am | Edits: 0 | Stormreaver-us | Pets: 839 Compare collections | Score: 4733
Rating: 0   [Report]

Interactivity makes pets more fun. Nice to see new ones. /sit animation is the same as what Luna does at Sunsong Ranch but instead of puss on log, it's puss on lap.

Jul 22, 2015 at 5:27am | Edits: 0 | Dath'Remar-us | Pets: 738 Compare collections | Score: 5857
Top RaterCardee 
Rating: 0   [Report]

If I fits I sits. <3 Maybe a Cheezburger meme, but I love it all the same.

Jul 22, 2015 at 12:07am | Edits: 0 | Lightbringer-us | Pets: 1675 Compare collections | Score: 13400
Rating: +3   [Report]

My favourites are /bow to my Pandaren Monk and /dance with the Moonkin Hatchling.  Shake those tail feathers, tiny boom chicken! 

Jul 21, 2015 at 6:00pm | Edits: 0 | Caelestrasz-us | Pets: 1113 Compare collections | Score: 8708
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