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Pet Family Passive Changes Possible In a Future Patch

April 23, 2013
Blizzard recently responded to concerns about a few pet family passives (specifically the Elemental family). It was noted that some changes to specific passives may be coming in a future patch. [source]

There are currently four pet passives that are being considered for retuning. Here are the possible changes. These have not been implemented yet and should not be considered final.

  • Elemental - 50% damage reduction for the turn one is swapped in.
    Our goal being that we’d rather have a passive in place that increases the strategic depth of elemental pets, and is clear in its intention and functionality.
  • Aquatic - Harmful DoTs reduced by 50% (up from 25%).
    Because few creatures have more than one DOT, this ends up being a less than steller damage reduction over the course of the battle.
  • Critter - Immune to CC completely.
    We'd like critters of all speeds to benefit equally from their passive, so we're considering making them immune to crowd control effects completely. This would include stuns, roots, and other incapacitating effects.
  • Magic - Cannot be dealt more than 35% of total health in one move (down from 40%).
    When balance changes were made to reduce the damage of some very heavy-hitting abilities, this passive was indirectly nerfed. We're thinking if we buff the effect to 35% of maximum health, that should compensate for previous adjustments.

Crithto goes on to explain a little further about the potential changes to these pet family passives, and you can read more here.

Keep in mind that nothing has been set in stone yet, and Blizzard is welcoming constructive feedback on these changes. Stay tuned, we'll have more details on any updates!
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