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Pet Battles Dailies and Strong Traps Investigation

October 09, 2012
Two notable Pet Battles bugs have been stubbornly sticking around for some time now, but developers are currently investigating both.

Players are reporting that the dailies that should be offered (from every Tamer on a continent) after defeating the Grand Master Tamer are either not being offered or are not resetting properly.

In addition to this, the Strong Trap is not being awarded to eligible players. Instead of an updated trap model and trap icon with a new tooltip, many are still seeing the original ones, despite having completed the achievement Going to Need More Traps.

Pet Battles Dailies
If you're not seeing the daily quests for a continent, have you earned the Taming achievement to unlock them for that continent? Did they show up once and then never come back? (not resetting) Are any working at all, and if so, which ones?

Note: Taming Kalimdor is Horde only, and Taming Eastern Kingdoms is Alliance only. This was done via hotfix so the UI in-game will not update until 5.1, which is why you may see completion swap between the two. Not to worry though, the data is all there and will be resolved with the 5.1 patch.

Strong Traps
We applied a hotfix to attempt to resolve issues of not properly receiving the upgraded Strong and Pristine traps. Please let us know if you're still having the issue, what character and realm is seeing the issue, and once you received the achievement, did your trap art, tooltip or icon change to reflect an upgraded trap? [source]

If you have additional information or details regarding Pet Battles dailies not resetting or not being offered, and Strong Traps not being awarded, leave a response on the appropriate threads linked above.

Let's help developers squish these bugs!
Posted by Quintessence
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