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Patch 3.3 Is Here!

December 08, 2009
Patch 3.3
NEW Pets! Patch 3.3 is finally here, bringing with it a ton of changes and new content, including three new pets: Albino Snake, Calico Cat and Perky Pug. Breanni, the <Master Geneticist> ... er <Pet Supplies> vendor of Dalaran has added the new cat and snake pets to her wares. Supplies are unlimited so get yours today... or tomorrow... or whenever the lag in Dalaran goes away!

Breanni is also in charge of distributing the new Perky Pug pet. However, this little fella requires a little more effort than simply plunking down 50g. You must first demonstrate your patience and determination by grouping with a total of 100 random players to defeat heroic dungeons, using the new Dungeon Finder system. After all, it takes a lot of tolerance and dedication to care for this special companion. Now if only Breanni would stock flea collars and carpet cleaner...

Landro's Pet Box
Okay, so I was completely wrong in thinking Landro's Pet Box was an actual box pet. Hey, it sounded good at the time! Actually, this item is a mystery box that contains a random TCG loot item. Most of the time it will be a common consumable: Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuit, Path of Cenarius or Sandbox Tiger. Occasionally, lucky players will score a pet: Ethereal Soul-Trader, Dragon Kite or Bananas! Each pet box costs 2,000 points at the UDE Points Store.

Raptor Hatchlings
The raptor hatchling pets that previously dropped off rare mobs are now lootable from rare raptor nest ground spawns. These nests spawn in the same areas as the rare raptors but their spawn timers are not linked. Affected pets include the Darting, Leaping, Ravasaur and Razormaw Hatchlings.
Posted by Sateena
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