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Patch 3.2.2 Pet Changes

September 23, 2009
UPDATE: We have a few more changes to report. The upgraded Argent Gruntling and Argent Squire now ride larger ponies. I guess the smaller ones just weren't cut out for all those long rides to the bank! The Enchanted Broom now pops up out of the ground when summoned. And, in addition to the previously mentioned pets, the Firefly, Nether Ray Fry and Tiny Sporebat have also acquired the ability to follow players on flying mounts.

Patch 3.2.2 was just released and while many of the possible pets have yet to make an actual in-game appearance, there are a handful of pet-related changes to report.

The most interesting news is that many of the "flying" pets will now follow their owners in the air and at full flying speed. So far, we've heard reports that the moths, dragonhawks, tickbirds, Phoenix, Mini-Tyrael and the Proto-Drake Whelp can all fly. Unfortunately, the owls, dragon whelps, Sprite Darter, and other older companions still are more comfortable on to the ground. Here are a few other changes:

There are likely even more changes, so if you notice something we didn't cover here, let us know and keep watching this post for updates.
Posted by Breanni
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