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Patch 5.2: Updates and Known Bugs

March 08, 2013
UPDATE: Player experience earned from Pet Battles was hotfixed. A blue post provided some clarification and insight on how experience is calculated. [source]

It's been a few days since Patch 5.2 was released, and a few bugs were discovered along with some updates to existing content.

Darkmoon Tonk
Update to the Darkmoon Faire
The regular Darkmoon Faire dailies now reward Darkmoon Game Prizes. These packages will always contain a faire ticket, but now they also have a small chance to drop any of the Darkmoon Faire vendor pets! [source]

Note that it's unlikely the Darkmoon Eye will also come from the Darkmoon Game Prize. This pet will probably remain exclusive to the Darkmoon Pet Supplies.

Known Bugs In 5.2

  • Player experience earned through successful battles is slightly over-tuned, and a hotfix will be implemented to address this issue. [source]
  • Pets that can only be obtained once, such as companions rewarded from achievements, were changed so any earned after 5.2 was released would only be of a single breed. However, pets that were earned prior to the patch still retain their original breed(s). Developers are looking into a way to change these existing pets into the new single breed. [source]
  • The Gusting Grimoire is currently uncommon quality. It will be hotfixed to the intended rare quality in the near future. [source]

If you notice any other 5.2 pet-related bugs, feel free to discuss them here.

Updates to Pet Battle Guide
In light of the new mechanics added to Pet Battles in 5.2, we've updated our Guide to Pet Battles with all the latest information:

Updated Guide to Pet Battles
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