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New (Pet?) Models in Cataclysm Beta

July 06, 2010
Bush Chicken
UPDATE: Mastiffs, monkeys and foxes have been confirmed as new tameable hunter pets. Hopefully there will be vanity pet versions, as well!

Cataclysm is now in closed beta testing. Since the non-disclosure agreement has already been lifted, there are dozens of new models to check out at MMO-Champion! Which of these many colorful and exotic creatures will become new vanity pets is still a mystery, though we can guess (and dream!):

  • The Mechanical Rabbit will most likely be a new engineering-crafted critter.
  • It looks like the Skeletal Raptor Pets fit the bill for the skeletal T-Rex mentioned at BlizzCon 2009 as a potential pet obtainable through the new archaeology profession.
  • We speculate that Mastiffs will be the Worgen racial vanity pets and Monkeys will be those of the Goblins.
  • The Mist Foxes and Snails are simply beautiful and would make wonderful new companions.
  • Deep Sea Murlocs - creepy yet, erm, cute? Still... MUST HAVE AS PETS!!
  • If Blizzard finally works out the kinks for water-specific companions (remember the Baby Shark from WotLK beta that never panned out?), that would open the door to many more potential pets, such as Sea Serpents, Sea Horses and Sting Rays.
  • Finally, very close to my bird-loving heart are the Sea Gull, Raven and ...gasp... BUSH CHICKEN!! Oh please let it be so... *faints*
Posted by Sateena
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