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New Pet Icons in 3.1

April 09, 2009
New Pet Icons in 3.1
Along with so many other goodies for pet enthusiasts in 3.1 come new icons for existing pet spells and items. At least eight older pets (so far) were given icons with gorgeous new artwork. The image at right reveals some of these new icons for the Cockroach, Magical Crawdad Box, Egbert, Lil' Smoky, Whiskers, and Pengu.

Inspired by WarcraftPets?
But here's the really interesting part—it looks as if three of these new icons appear to have been directly inspired by the pet profiles on our site. What a nice surprise during our birthday week! This may have been another intended nod to honor the work we put into this site, or it may have simply been easier for the artist to create the icons using the pics we already had.

Take a look - you be the judge!
Posted by Breanni
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