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New Darkmoon Faire Pets (and Bugs)

December 03, 2012
UPDATE: There was a hotfix for both the Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow. Both should be available to capture in all qualities now. Happy collecting!

Darkmoon Hatchling
The Darkmoon Faire is back in town, and there are new pets! Be sure to head over to the fairgrounds to purchase a Darkmoon Hatchling for 90 tickets, and challenge Jeremy Feasel to a tamer battle for a chance at the Darkmoon Eye!

The Darkmoon Glowfly is also a new addition, and can be found flying around the island. They can vary in level, so keep looking for that perfect one to catch!

Darkmoon Pet Bugs
Currently the Darkmoon Glowfly seems to come in only uncommon (green) quality. This might be a similar bug that the Jungle Grub and Hedgehogs experienced prior to patch 5.1.

The Crow pet (pictured) listed in the Pet Journal is currently not capturable. It can be found on the Darkmoon Island as a normal critter, and also as a secondary opponent during a wild pet battle.

It's unknown if the bug lies within the Pet Journal and the Crow was mistakenly added, or if it should be a capturable companion but currently isn't flagged as such. We suspect that it might be the latter, similar to the bug affecting these six wild pets, all of which were fixed shortly after the release of MoP. Hopefully this will be clarified and fixed soon!
Posted by Quintessence
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