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Mr. Chilly Goes Live

October 15, 2009
Mr. Chilly
Over a year after he first appeared in the WotLK beta, Mr. Chilly the penguin has finally arrived! He apologizes for the delay but it took him that long to figure out the perfect name. Chilly wasn't dignified enough. Oswald was much too formal. But Mr. Chilly is classy and cool.

Mr. Chilly is awarded to all players who merge their existing (as of November 11th) WoW accounts with All current and future characters on eligible accounts will receive the pet via in-game mail from none other than our own Breanni. In the letter she calls Mr. Chilly a "sassy little Spheniscidae" (which is a fancy scientific term for penguin). See, I knew Breanni was a master geneticist!

Edited by Breanni:  Indeed, I am. Muwhahahahahahahaha!!!
Posted by Sateena
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