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More 3.1 Goodies

March 07, 2009
Argent Gruntling and Squire
UPDATE: News from the patch 3.1 PTR keeps pouring in...

Argent Tournament Pets
The new Argent Gruntling and Argent Squire pets have been confirmed. After completing several days' worth of dailies to become a Champion of the Argent Tournament, Horde players will receive a little orc boy and Alliance players will receive a little human boy. These tireless servants will follow you to the ends of Azeroth, catering to your every need. Well maybe not... but they sure make cool new companions! Plus they will display pennants of the factions with which you've achieved Exalted Champion status if you ask them to (special thanks to our pal El from El's Extreme Anglin' for this submission).

After becoming an Argent Champion, players can complete new daily quests to receive Champion's Seals. These tokens can be used to purchase cool new armor, weapons, tabards, mounts, and pets. There is a separate quartermaster for each race, each selling a different pet for 40 Champion's Seals. NOTE: These Argent Tournament pets are currently not BoP. If they stay that way, any player should be able to acquire all 10 pets!

New Crab Pet
El has also discovered a new pet crab, the Strand Crawler. This little guy has a chance to drop in the Bag of Fishing Treasures rewarded from the new Northrend fishing dailies.

New Mechanical Pet?
MMO-Champion has reported a new possible pet: XS-001 Constructor Bot - Right Click to summon and dismiss Mimiron's XS-001 Prototype. He really hates water. This sounds like one of Mimiron's many mechanical creations that will be coming soon to an Ulduar near you.

Updates to Existing Pets
We also have some exciting pet-related news from the PTR patch notes:

  • Horde characters may now obtain the quest CLUCK! from Chickens. While Farmer Saldean won't be selling Special Chicken Feed to the Horde, perhaps "Westfall" William Saldean in Brill might...
  • Sprite Darter Eggs: May now (very rarely) drop from Sprite Darters in Feralas. Note that only Horde characters can attack and kill Sprite Darters.
  • Tiny Emerald Whelplings: May now (very rarely) drop from Adolescent Whelps in the Swamp of Sorrows.
  • White Tickbird Hatchling is now classified as a Pet.

On a separate note, we have exciting news for our pal Frosty. No longer will he have to share an icon with the Netherwhelp. He is getting his own unique icon that looks just like him. Way to go, Frosty!
Posted by Sateena
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