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MoP Beta: Pet Battles Available For Testing

July 13, 2012
A new beta build was recently released. Datamined from the patch are many pet-related achievement changes and new additions. [source]

Oh, and did we forget to mention that Pet Battles will finally be available for testing?

Get Ready, Fight!
Pet Battles is officially open for testing on the beta servers. [source]

There will be many questions and concerns regarding this new feature, so be sure to check out the WarcraftPets Forums for all the latest news and updates on Pet Battles! Also check out Blizzard's official Pet Battles preview page on their Mists of Pandaria website.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as we thoroughly test and analyze Pet Battles on the beta!

Pet Achievements
Many pet-related achievements were updated, and a handful of new ones were added. Here are just the newest ones:

  • Take Em' All On!: Win a pet battle aginst a pet of every family.
  • Going to Need More Leashes: Collect 300 unique pets.
  • That's a Lot of Pet Food: Collect 400 unique pets.
  • Taming the Great Outdoors: Defeat 15 wild pet tamers.
  • Taming the World: Defeat 45 wild pet tamers.
  • Trainer Extrodanaire: Earn 100 pet battle achievement points.

Check out the full list of achievement changes here!

Four New Pets
Not only were new achievements added, but four new pets! [source]

  • Porcupette - Bind on Use
  • Yu'lon Kite - Bind on Pick Up
  • Chi-ji Kite - Bind on Pick Up
  • Jade Tentacle - Bind on Use

The Jade Tentacle will be replacing the previously assigned reward, "Zookeeper" title, but don't worry! This title can still be earned through the achievement World Safari.

Both kites are Inscription crafted pets. They were first discovered as on-use items and therefore were not true vanity pets. However, in the latest beta patch they've been upgraded into items that teach actual companions.
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