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MoP Beta: New Leash and Achievement Updates

June 28, 2012
Hungry for more MoP beta pet-news? Here is the latest information from the upcoming beta build.

New Leash
Wowhead News discovered a new type of leash that players can add to their collection - Chain Pet Leash. [source]

So if you're ever tired of using the simple Rope Pet Leash or that Red Ribbon Pet Leash just doesn't seem to match your companion, you can always try out the Chain Pet Leash in MoP! Who says pets can't be fabulously fashionable too?

New Achievements and Rewards
Also datamined were a few new Pet Battles achievements and updated rewards for existing achievements. [source]

Newly Added:

  • A Rare Catch - Capture a rare quality battle pet.
  • An Uncommon Find - Capture a uncommon quality battle pet.
  • High Quality - Capture 10 rare quality battle pets.
  • Quality & Quanity - Capture 50 rare quality battle pets.

Updated Rewards:

Posted by Quintessence
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