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Companion Cube FAQ

The new Weighted Companion Cube has many of us in the pet collecting community excited. But how does one get this pet? The FAQ below explains it all.

Question Why isn't this pet listed in the WarcraftPets bestiary?
Answer Because it possesses "secret stealth mode".
Question What is "secret stealth mode"?
Answer It's a secret.
Question But what does "secret stealth mode" do?
Answer It prevents the Weighted Companion Cube from appearing in the WarcraftPets bestiary. Duh.
Question I'm not able to rate this pet. Why?
Answer Because this pet is so cool that it gets an automatic 5-star rating.
Question What if I want to give it less than 5 stars?
Answer Then there's something wrong with you.
Question I can't add it to my collection either. Why not?
Answer You can only add it once you've collected it... and you'll never collect it.
Question Why can't I collect it?
Answer Because you'll need the [Promised Cake] in order to summon the pet and, well, the cake is a lie.
Question Huh? Seriously, I want to get this pet. How do I get it?
Answer Seriously, the cake is a lie—this pet is impossible to obtain.
Question Impossible? Why?
Answer We've been through this... cake... lie... remember?
Question I don't get it. Seriously, why can't I collect it?
Answer Look at your calendar.
Question It's April 1, 2009. So what? Why can't I get this pet?
Answer Because you fail to see the obvious.
Question Really, just tell me how to get this pet.
Answer No.
Question Come on...
Answer No...
Question I bet Breanni sells this thing, right?
Answer Breanni sells lots of things.
Question But does she sell the Weighted Companion Cube?
Answer Not unless Blizzard is in on the joke too.
Question So this pet DOES exist?!
Answer If it does, it's news to us.
Question Seriously, how do I get it?
Answer You don't. This is an April Fools' Day joke.
Question You don't understand... I love Portal... I HAVE to have this pet! Can't you just tell me how to get it?
Answer What part of "this is an April Fools' Day joke" did you not get?
Question You're not supposed to ask me questions. I'm the questioner here.
Answer And a fine questioner, you are.
Question Ok, be that way. I'll go to another site to get the info.
Answer Sure thing—we recommend this site. Good luck!
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