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A Friend to Fawn Over

January 20, 2009
NEW Pet! Patch 3.0.8 is finally here, and with it comes a new pet, Little Fawn. The new achievement Lil' Game Hunter rewards this deer companion to players who have collected 75 unique pets. After completing the achievement, players will receive [Little Fawn's Salt Lick] in the mail from none other than our very own Breanni! In her letter, Breanni writes that the little fawn is shy, but that you can easily gain her friendship. There goes my plan of calling mine The Fonz!

In other patch news, apparently our little friend Frosty is now just that... little, or at least littler than his former self. I guess he just wanted to fit in with all the other whelps. We'll always love you, Frosty, no matter what your size!
Posted by Sateena
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