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Landro's Pet Box - Coming in 3.3

November 13, 2009
The list of upcoming pet-related changes in patch 3.3 continues to grow! The latest addition is a new TCG item that can be purchased with UDE points. According to WoWTCGLoot, Landro will be offering Landro's Pet Box for redemption.

What exactly this item is or does is the subject of much speculation. My personal take is that it is a new vanity pet akin to a pet rock, only it's a box. Okay, I'm kidding. Whatever it is, though, one thing's for sure—I want one!

UPDATE: It looks like I might have been onto something after all with my joke about the item being a box pet. One of our members found a model for a crate creature in WoW Model Viewer. It can peek out with eyes or try to catch a fly with it's tongue. It even has a hobbling walk animation. While it is still pure speculation that this could be Landro's Pet Box, let's hope it is!
Posted by Sateena
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