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Kirin Tor Familiar Guide

January 04, 2009
Happy New Year, even if it is a bit belated! Sorry for the lack of news lately, but there just hasn't been much pet-related news to report. Hopefully that will change with the upcoming patch. As we mentioned before, one of the changes slated for Patch 3.0.8 is that the Pledge of Adoration from which Peddlefeet is obtained will become bind-on-pickup. As a result, the Peddlefeet Farming Guide is now obsolete and has been removed from the site.

NEW GUIDE! Fret not, for in its place we have published a Kirin Tor Familiar Guide. This pet is arguably one of the most difficult ones to collect. But with the help of this guide, a lot of patience, and a little luck, anyone who wants to get the Kirin Tor Familar should be able to do so. Good luck!
Posted by Sateena
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