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A Hodge-Podge of News

July 16, 2008
Mini Tyrael
Mini Tyreal added: First up, Mini Tyrael has been added to the site. All of you who were lucky enough to nab him can add him to your collections. Also, be sure to check out his profile and give him a rating. (He'd prefer a good one, but I doubt that will be a problem!)

New whelpling icons: Perhaps thanks to our own Darkra, who kept at the suggestion forum with this request, all of the different colored whelplings now have uniquely colored icons. Cool beans!smile

New [pet] formatting: At the suggestion of Squirralfire, I've added the ability for members to easily link to any pet on this site within comments and bios. Instructions can be found on both the bio and comment updating pages.

Messaging: Lastly, the ability for members to send private messages to each other is coming soon. But I do have some reservations about enabling this option. It's possible that stability of the site could suffer if too many messages are flying back and forth. It's also possible that it might be too tough for me to moderate. But I'm willing to give it a try and see what happens. It should be enabled within the week.
Posted by Breanni
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