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Are Hat Pets TRUE Pets?

October 06, 2008
Summoning Hats
As the 3.0 game-build approaches, news from the PTR suggests that two of our favorite pets may no longer be considered true companion pets. I'm referring to the Blood Parrot and the Coyote Spirit, both of which are summoned by hats. Each hat must be worn to summon its special pet. However with pet items becoming consumables that "teach" their summoning spells, these two hats have remained unique. They don't teach their owners how to summon their pets. Rather, they work the same way they always did. As a result, they don't count toward fulfilling vanity pet achievements.

No! Say it isn't so!
Sadly, it's true. The game doesn't count these two vanity pets as true companions... at least not yet. It's our hope that Blizzard will come up with a way to count these toward the achievements. One solution would be to allow the hat to teach the summon spell, thus adding the pet to your pet tab. Then, much like pets that require a reagent to summon, these two pets would require their hats to be worn. If the hat is removed, the pet would vanish.

Our ruling:
Too many of us have worked too hard to add these pets to our collections. Plus these headgear-summoned critters still gladly accept companion-only consumables (such as Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits), thus revealing their "companion" status. So breathe easy—they're still considered true companion pets, at least for the time being.
Posted by Breanni
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