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Gold Seller Scams Using

April 20, 2010
Gold Seller Scams Using Breanni
ALERT! Gold sellers and scammers have sunk to a new low. We've been receiving reports from several members that they've taken to using my name, Breanni (or variations thereof, such as Beranni and Breanny), to trick people into visiting malicious websites. These websites are used to hack into your WoW account.

One example...


You are drawn into the system to receive your achievements award. Please visit: www.{malicious site}


And another...


You are drawn in the system to receive A new test pet!

Please visit www.{malicious site}


If you receive anything along these lines, be sure to report the mail as spam. Doing this will help Blizzard to track down the culprits.

The Real Breanni
The REAL Breanni (either myself or the NPC in Dalaran) will NEVER send you an in-game mail requesting that you visit a website to retrieve a prize. My NPC counterpart will only ever send actual pets. And personally, I never send unsolicited in-game mail to anyone I don't know.

If you visited one of these sites...
If you were tricked into visiting one of these malicious websites, we urge you to change your WoW account password immediately. You can do this at the the official World of Warcraft site.

In addition, if you really want to safeguard your account from hackers, we strongly recommend using a Authenticator. And as an added bonus for linking an authenticator to your account, you'll receive a Core Hound Pup (sent by the actual Breanni NPC—there's some irony for you).

So be cautious, stay alert, help spread the word about this scam, and don't give the gold sellers an inch. Ever.
Posted by Breanni
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