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Will Changing Factions Affect Pets?

September 03, 2009
UPDATE: We're starting to hear from people who've actually switched factions. So far, the consensus is that you're pet collection remains intact, with the exception of the Argent Squire and Argent Gruntling (which makes sense).

Today Blizzard released their Faction Change information page. Check it out and specifically take a look at the "Spells" tab. You'll see that all faction-specific Argent Tournament pets will be affected by this change, forever altering your collection.

But don't worry too much just yet. There is conflicting information in Blizzard's official Faction Change FAQ:

What will happen to the character's non-combat pets when I change its faction?
Non-combat pets will not be affected by this process and will be available once the character's faction change completes. This even includes faction-specific non-combat pets.

So which is correct?
Honestly we're not sure. But we hope Blizzard will clarify it soon. It may affect whether the transfer is worthwhile for several pet collectors. We'll keep you posted.
Posted by Breanni
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