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Everyone Poops... Even Pets?

April 01, 2010
Everyone Poops... Even Pets?
Ever wish your in-game pets were a little more realistic? Well, we've got news for you! WarcraftPets has obtained exclusive information regarding a new vanity pet innovation slated for Cataclysm.

After rave reviews for Perky Pug's rather unorthodox "butt scooting" idle animation, companion pets are being given the ability to, well... relieve themselves in the expansion. I know, I know. It sounds disgusting. But believe it or not, even defecation can be cute...

Disgustingly Cute
If the prospect of companions messing the landscape isn't very appealing to you, fear not... cuteness prevails! True, some pets will leave a pile of poo at their owners' feet, but not all. For example, the oozling pets will leave behind tiny green globules. Meanwhile our mechanical pets will deposit a pile of gears. And some birds will even bombard players from above with "good luck" droppings!

Clean-Up-After-Your-Pet Accessories
Sometimes pets will receive the Stanky debuff after doing their business. No problem—just pick up a Pet Grooming Kit from my counterpart in Dalaran. Heck, she might even sell a pooper scooper in the expansion.

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Posted by Breanni
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