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New Children's Week Fun

May 01, 2009
Happy Children's Week!
Children's Week is finally here! With so many pets available, this is perhaps the most anticipated event for collectors. And this year gives us the addition of all-new Children's Week achievements! Unfortunately, there are no new Northrend pets as of yet. But we're still keeping our fingers crossed in the hopes that new Northrend quests may be available after next Tuesday's maintenance. After all, there was a Curious Gorloc Hatchling and a Curious Wolvar Pup data mined from the patch 3.1 PTR, so we won't give up hope just yet.

For you achievement-seekers, here's a tip: If you turn in either of your orphan whistles (i.e., complete the quest chains) BEFORE you've earned the various achievements, such as the School of Hard Knocks, just talk to the matron to receive a replacement whistle.

Finally, we recommend that you check out our Guide to Children's Week. This guide features a detailed FAQ and complete walkthroughs and maps for every quest, both alliance and horde.

We hope you enjoy this week-long event—it's orphantastic!
Posted by Breanni
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