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More Patch 4.0.1 Changes: CE Pets and Scorchling

October 17, 2010
In addition to the revamped companion interface, Patch 4.0.1 introduced a couple surprise pet-related changes.

Collector's Edition Pets
The Panda Cub, Mini Diablo and Zergling are now all sent directly to new characters created with an original WoW Collector's Edition account. Previously, characters received a "This Item Begins a Quest" gift voucher that could be turned in for their choice of one of the three CE pets. Since each pet's summoning item is bind-on-account, it was only a matter of time and effort to get all three pets on any given character. This change simply makes it easier to add these lil' cuties to your collection.

Searing Scorchling
The companion formerly known as Scorchling has gained a new descriptive moniker. Henceforth, this flaming elemental shall be known as Searing Scorchling. This change comes in keeping with the elemental pet naming convention that began with the Frigid Frostling and continues with upcoming Cataclysm pets such as the Rumbling Rockling, Swirling Stormling and Whirling Waveling. I wonder what other alliterative elementals might be added in the future. Shady Shadowling? Balmy Bogling?
Posted by Sateena
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