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A Few Site Changes

March 22, 2009
I've made a few changes to the site in recent days. The most noticeable change involves the Top 50 Collections page. In the past, multiple-character collections (those spanning more than one character) had been given priority, loading by default. Users would have to physically select the "Top 50 - Single" link in order to review single-character collections. At one time, this made sense. There were many more multiple-character collections. But today there are far more single-character collections (roughly 4:1). With more incentives to collect on a single character, it appears that this type of collecting has become the norm. Therefore, single-character collections now have priority on the Top 50 list.

Additionally, I made a few changes to our news archives page whereby it now displays Past Features (such as my 'Ode to Vanity Pets' poem) that were otherwise buried in previous news stories.
Posted by Breanni
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