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Breanni: Site Creator and... NPC?

July 19, 2008
Breanni - Pet Supplies
It appears as though Blizzard has chosen to honor my work on this site by immortalizing me as a pet supply vendor in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion! Thanks, Blizzard!smile

I—or rather my double—is situated in Northrend's capital city of Dalaran. So far, her goods include [Rope Pet Leash] and [Fetch Ball]. Let's hope she'll also be selling 28+ slot pet bags or expandable kennels... anything to help us collectors increase our bag space. For more info about these items, click here.

So start saving your gold, folks... my in-game counterpart is eager to sell her specialty pet wares (and hopefully I'll get a cut of the action)!
Posted by Breanni
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