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How 'Bout a Pet Blob?

August 02, 2008
Experimental Mixture
Fellow fansite creator Mania (of Petopia and Warcraft Mounts fame) recently contacted me about an item she discovered while testing the beta. Here's Mania's report:

Junior Apothecary Lawrence is an undead NPC in Venomspite, Dragonblight. He doesn't seem to have any quests for me, but when I talk to him, he does have a dialog option. He wanted me to test his Experimental Mixture on a non-combat pet. When I used it on Whiskers the Rat, he turned into a green blob for two minutes!

I thought this might be a random effect, but so far all I've gotten was a green blob. The mixture lasts 30 minutes and you can only carry one at a time, but it appears that you can talk to Lawrence as often as you like to get more.

Mania was also kind enough to include a few screenshots, which I linked above. Thanks, Mania!smile Yet another nifty pet-consumable to enjoy in WotLK (even if it is only temporary).
Posted by Breanni
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