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Blizzcon 2011 Virtual Ticket Bugs

August 04, 2011
The virtual ticket for Blizzcon 2011 is now on sale, yet Blizzard still has not officially stated what this year's in-game redeemable item is. Some players have been reporting pet-related bugs with the purchase of this year's live-stream ticket, and one of those bugs could be a strong indicator of what the goodie bag item will be.

Deathy Crashes the Party
Similar to his larger and more menacing counterpart, Deathy (the Blizzcon 2010 in-game redeemable companion) decided to make a sudden and unexpected appearance. Many reported receiving this pet upon purchasing this year's virtual ticket. After players inquired whether or not this gift was intentional, a blue poster commented on this issue, stating:

"You all have posed an excellent question to which we are inquiring about now. We will update the thread when we have further information." [source]

Comments from players on the thread linked above are reporting that these "stowaway" companions are being removed from their collections, meaning Blizzard probably did not intend for Deathy to be sent out and it's unlikely that players will get to keep him. The investigation on the matter is still open, and we hope to hear an official update on this situation soon.

Murkablo Tags Along
Interestingly enough, comments on the same thread linked above as well as from WarcraftPets Facebook page and the Blizzcon Forums, report that the Diablo 3 inspired pet, Murkablo, showed up in their in-game mailbox instead. It's unclear whether or not Blizzard will allow players, who received Murkablo early through this live-stream ticket bug, to keep him.

Blizzcon 2011 Pet?
So is Murkablo really this year's goodie bag item? Most clues indicate yes and with this virtual ticket bug, the cat may already be out of the bag, but until Blizzard officially announces this year's redeemable item, we cannot confirm 100% that it will be Murkablo. Stay tuned for an update on this situation and hopefully an announcement of the Blizzard 2011 pet!
Posted by Quintessence
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