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Blizzcon 2013 Pet Announced: Murkalot!

October 02, 2013
Blizzard recently announced that one of the Blizzcon goodies will indeed be a pet. Not just any pet, though! It will be a themed murloc, dressed and ready for battle (or for looking adorable). [source]

Murkalot, Blizzcon 2013 pet
Murkalot (pictured above, courtesy of MMO-Champion) is themed after the new Crusader class from the upcoming Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls.

Although this might be the case, anyone else get the impression that Murkalot will be counting to five three and then throwing a Holy Hand Grenade?

Collecting Murkalot
Blizzcon will be held November 8 & 9, 2013 and attendees will receive a scratch card with the code for Murkalot in the swag-bag that's provided at the convention.

For those that missed the sale or are unable to attend in person, Blizzard is also selling Blizzcon Virtual Tickets (US). The EU sale can be found here. Those that purchase a Blizzcon Virtual Ticket will be eligible to redeem the pet.

Keep in mind that unlike the code on the pet card, the pet obtained through the Virtual Ticket cannot be traded or sold, and is bound to the account that the ticket was purchased on.

WarcraftPets at Blizzcon
Not only are we excited about the new Blizzcon pet, there's much anticipation for this year's Blizzcon WarcraftPets Meet-and-Greet!

We'll be announcing the details of the Meet-and-Greet in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.
Posted by Quintessence
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