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Battle-Bot Pet is Here!

June 09, 2009
Battle-Bots are here!
UPDATE: For a short period of time, it was possible to obtain this pet with a non-North American account, but this was an unintended bug. As of June 10th, it is no longer possible. On June 11th, the Battle-Bot was removed from the accounts of players on all Non-US/Oceanic servers who received the pet as a result of this bug.

NEW Pet! The Battle-Bot pet is finally here and it is a true vanity pet! It looks very similar to the Clockwork Rocket Bot except it's gray and sports a dual-chambered fuel pack on its back (which can be filled with red or blue fuel).

Visit to redeem your Battle-Bot pet. You must have an active WoW account residing on a US realm. The first time you sign in for the redemption, you will receive the Battle-Bot pet in the mailbox of each current character on your account. If you log in on a later day, you should receive the blue or red game fuel for your bot. You may log in once per day (presumably until the end of the promotion on August 20th).
Posted by Sateena
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