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Arena Tournament Update

March 12, 2009
Armored Murloc
With nearly 30 matches under my belt, I must admit the Arena Tournament has been a lot more fun than I expected. My team has been averaging 3-4 min per game, so we can expect to reach the requisite 200 games for our pet murlocs a lot more quickly than I had originally expected. We've even been holding our own with a whopping 50% win rate!

I hope everyone else is having a fun time in the tournament. I just wanted to pass along some important information. It seems that some players have been /afk'ing out of the games as soon as they begin (presumably in an effort to minimize the time to reach 200 matches). Others have been entering the games without gear and without putting up a fight. Such actions are definitely not in the spirit of the competition. If these players are found in violation of the arena rules, it may result in disqualification of the team and its members. Therefore, we suggest you heed Blizzard's recommendation: "...all players [should] put forth an effort to compete in the spirit of the tournament."
Posted by Sateena
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