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April 25th WoW Developer Q&A: Pet-Related Questions

April 26, 2013
Several WoW developers recently participated in a Q&A session and answered some questions. Here are just the pet-related topics, but you can read the full transcript of the session here.

  • Q: Wild battle pets, released after 5.0, have gradually gotten less and less breeds. Is this because of the pet "gem slots" Cory talked about? If not, will pets continue to be released as mono-/dual-breed pets?

    A: No particular reason tbh. We try to vary up the breeds based on what type of pet it is. Reward pets are locked to one breed for obvious reasons but we plan to keep adding lots of multi-breed pets in the future.

  • Q: Epic pets soon? And if so is it just going to be through an item like epic pet battle stone, or something more interesting?

    A: Current plan is to introduce a couple epic pets in 5.4. We are working on a cool, new way to obtain them as well. Pretty hyped about it.

  • Q: About rare pet battle-stones, i have about seven of a family that i don't need anymore, any chance we may be able to "trade" them for other family stones?

    A: Working on something for this exact issue in 5.4. I feel your pain.

  • Q: Will Battle pets caught in the wild be tradeable?

    A: Great question! This is something we went back and forth on quite a bit before MoP shipped. We are very happy with the call we made though. Love the fact that players are actually out in the world, catching pets and not sitting in town.

  • Q: In pet battles, I feel you made us fight Legendary pets too early, in future expansions are all the pet battles going to be Legendary?

    A: Lots of things we can do to make fights interesting outside of a pet being legendary.

  • Q: Can we ever expect to see a more in depth pet battle pvp system? With how popular they are would you guys be open to adding a win/loss tracker. I see that we are getting a win tracker but a rating or season type system would be amazing!

    A: We are taking a watch and see approach on it. We added a weekly quest and some tracking to 5.3. If that pans out successful, we will continue to add to the PVP side of pet battles.

  • Q: Will there be any spectator mode added to Pet Battles?

    A: 5.3!
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