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5.2 PTR: 5 New Possible Pets

January 16, 2013
5 new possible pets were datamined from the 5.2 PTR. [source]

  • Ji-Kun Hatchling (BoP) - Drops from Ji-Kun in Throne of Thunder
  • Pygmy Direhorn (BoU)
  • Pierre
  • Direhorn Runt (BoU)
  • Spawn of G'nathus (BoU) - Drops from Zandalari Dinomancer on Isle of Giants

Wowhead has a 3D preview of the model for Pierre, which looks like a cooking stove, as well as an unassigned pet model simply named "Python Pet".

According to the Pet Journal, the model for the Python Pet is assigned to the new wild pet, Elder Python, found on the Isle of Lightning in 5.2.
Posted by Quintessence
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