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5.1 PTR Patch Notes for Pets

October 11, 2012
UPDATE: Wowhead found more information on how to obtain the 6 new pets in patch 5.1. See below. [source]

The PTR for the next major content patch, 5.1, is live and ready for testing. Here are the notable changes and datamined discoveries from the PTR. [source]

  • 6 possible new pets!
    1. Imperial Moth - Possible drop while doing an Imperial Silk (Tailoring) transmute in the Silken Fields. Bind on Use.
    2. Imperial Silkworm - Same as above.
    3. Darkmoon Hatchling - Darmoon Faire pet vendor. 90 Darkmoon Faire Tickets. Bind on Use.
    4. Darkmoon Glowfly - Wild battle pet that's capturable on the Darkmoon Island.
    5. Darkmoon Eye - Possible drop from Darkmoon Pet Supplies (new Tamer daily reward). Bind on Use.
    6. Cinder Kitten - From the Blizzard Pet Store. Bind on Pick Up.

  • A new achievement to defeat 8 legendary pets. Completing this achievement will award the Red Panda Cub.
  • The total number of pets you can have in your journal has been raised from 500 to 650!
  • New items that will allow you to upgrade companions to a higher quality. Certain Battle-Stones have unique properties and can come from different sources, such as defeating a wild pet in battle, the Sack of Pet Supplies rewarded from Tamer Dailies, and even from vendors for Justice Points.
  • You will be able to filter by name, type, rarity and level in the Pet Journal. A new search function will also make it possible to search for companions found in a specific zone.
  • Qualities of pets will be displayed while in a battle.
  • The achievement Taming the World will award a Safari Hat, which increases experience gained by your pets from a Pet Battle by 10%.
  • New Darkmoon Faire Tamer quests and dailies, and two new pets can be captured from the Darkmoon Island.

To view the full list of new additions and changes, check out the official patch notes or the datamined list on MMO-Champion linked above.
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