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4.3 PTR: Winter Helper Update

October 01, 2011
Winter's Little Helper
It was mentioned before that the Winter Helper companions have been updated with new animations. Along with learning new tricks, these feisty Helpers have some new cheeky comments to say when summoned outside the Winter Veil holiday.

They Say the Darnedest Things
These little gnomes are pretty upset when pulled away from their work and preparations for the upcoming Winter Veil event, so players will hear an earful when bringing these mini-pets out to play!

Both Winter's Little Helper and Father Winter's Helper will randomly make a remark from a small selection of 8 possible comments when summoned during non-Winter Veil days:

  • Does it LOOK like the Feast of Winter Veil to you? Colored lights, decorations? No? Well, you know who has to MAKE all that stuff, right?!
  • What the-? AGAIN?! Look, [class]. As much as I'd like to watch you punch monsters or mouthbreathe at the auction house or WHATEVER it is you do all year, I've got WORK to do.
  • Look, [class]. Here's the thing. Toys and lights and bundles of holiday herbs don't make THEMSELVES, you know. So ENOUGH with the helper summoning, PLEASE.
  • We'll need twenty thousand more cog wheels, and another... hey! You can't just summon me away like that!
  • It's not Winter Veil yet, you know. I have WORK to do!
  • What the-?! Why did you-?! I have TOYS to make!
  • Whoah! Where's the workshop?! Summon me up a little later in the year, all right?
  • So, did you hear about Helper 432-A? I heard that... what the-? HEY! We Helpers have WORK to do, you know!

Check out Wowhead News for screenshots of these sassy updated Helpers in action!
Posted by Quintessence
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