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2013 Arena Pass: Collect Murkimus!

June 26, 2013
UPDATE: Blizzard has confirmed which "Murkimus" will be the reward for the 2013 Arena Pass. Eligible players will receive the original Murkimus the Gladiator for this year's event. [source]

Registration for the 2013 Arena Pass is finally open! It costs $20 in North America or €15/£12 in Europe. [source]

2013 Arena Pass
The Arena Pass is a special event held on separate servers from normal realms, where the competition to be number one in 3v3 is fierce!

Registered players will be able to create a new character which will be equipped with all necessary gear and items, and form a team with two other players. Once the rated phase begins, teams can then queue up for a 3v3 match and test their skills in the arena.

For more information and details, check out the Arena Pass FAQ.

What are the Rewards?
This year's Arena Pass will reward the pet "Murkimus" for participating in at least 50 rated matches. The pet will be mailed to eligible players within roughly 4-6 weeks after the event ends.

Keep in mind that although a new "Murkimus" was datamined this year, it's still unclear if it will replace the original Murkimus the Gladiator or not.

When participating in matches, be sure to keep in the spirit of the competition and do your best and fight your heart out! Instant forfeits and thrown matches can be discounted by Blizzard.

Find a Team!
Interested in collecting Murkimus? Well there are many like-minded collectors out there too, and WarcraftPets has set up a special thread on our forums just for those seeking an Arena Pass team.

Create a 2013 Arena Pass Team Today (US)
Create a 2013 Arena Pass Team Today (EU)

So if you love to PVP or just want to add the pet to your collection, we wish everyone good luck and have fun!
Posted by Quintessence
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