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The Fastest Way to Powerlevel Your Pets

October 03, 2012
We recently came across this YouTube tutorial posted by Internet Kidz Gaming. It explains how to quickly powerlevel your pets from 1-10. It also provides a method for bridging the gap between levels 18-25. Definitely worth a look!

NOTE: To our knowledge, these methods are not considered game exploits. However, they may not have been intended by the developers, in which case it's probable that a future patch will reduce their effectiveness.
Posted by Breanni
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Six Wild Pets Re-Added to WoW

October 04, 2012
Six Wild Pets Re-Added to WoW
Many players found that they were capturing some wild pets but these pets weren't showing up in the Pet Journal. This was a bug and thankfully, these companions have been added back into the journal.

Likewise, we've added them to the database with their very own pet profiles. These pets include the following:

It's unclear if there are other wild pets that will be re-added into the journal in the future, but we will keep everyone updated.

Now that these pets are no longer lost, what are you waiting for?

Go get 'em!
Posted by Quintessence
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Pet Battles Hotfixes Noted by Mumper

October 05, 2012
Blizzard Statement
Lead content designer Cory Stockton, aka Mumper, recently Tweeted that the cost to train Pet Battles has been reduced. [source]

"Just hotfixed the cost of Battle Pet Training to 10g. We still don't want newbie players but 100g was obviously overshooting that goal."

In addition to this hotfix, developers have addressed the Tamer dailies not resetting. [source]

"We found the bug with pet battle daily's not unlocking. It's been hotfixed and they should work now, cross faction. Thanks for the reports!"

He also clarified on how to complete the Taming Azeroth achievement. [source]

"Another note on pet battles, Taming Azeroth achievement is setup to complete with either Taming Kalimdor or Taming EK, you don't need both. Note that the display is wrong in 5.0.5 since the change was made via hotfix. Functionally, it will work though. UI is fixed in 5.1.0."
Posted by Quintessence
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Wild Pets by Zone: Improved UI

October 08, 2012
UPDATE: We've just added pet level ranges to the zone dropdown menu, making it even easier to find the wild pets at your skill. Enjoy!

Wild Pets by Zone - Improved UI
With the release of Pet Battles, one of the most sought after tools is a quick reference for every wild pet listed by zone and level. Therefore, we've made several improvements to our Pets by Zone tool, making it easier for you to collect all those irresistible new wild pets!

Improved Filtering
You can now hunt for wild pets exclusively. You also have options to display dropped pets, quested pets, vendored pets and any pets found during World Events. In addition, for those of you with WarcraftPets accounts, you can also filter out those pets you've already collected.

Focus on a Single Zone
Zero in on all pets found within a single zone without having to scroll through the entire list of pets found in a continent. Note that we still give you the flexibility to view all pets on a continent — the choice is yours.

Pet Levels Shown in Tooltips
We've also made a site-wide change to show capturable pet levels within a pet's tooltip. The wild pet's level appears in brackets. This will allow you to quickly determine which wild pets you're able to capture.

Wild Pets by Zone
Posted by Breanni
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Pet Battles Dailies and Strong Traps Investigation

October 09, 2012
Two notable Pet Battles bugs have been stubbornly sticking around for some time now, but developers are currently investigating both.

Players are reporting that the dailies that should be offered (from every Tamer on a continent) after defeating the Grand Master Tamer are either not being offered or are not resetting properly.

In addition to this, the Strong Trap is not being awarded to eligible players. Instead of an updated trap model and trap icon with a new tooltip, many are still seeing the original ones, despite having completed the achievement Going to Need More Traps.

Pet Battles Dailies
If you're not seeing the daily quests for a continent, have you earned the Taming achievement to unlock them for that continent? Did they show up once and then never come back? (not resetting) Are any working at all, and if so, which ones?

Note: Taming Kalimdor is Horde only, and Taming Eastern Kingdoms is Alliance only. This was done via hotfix so the UI in-game will not update until 5.1, which is why you may see completion swap between the two. Not to worry though, the data is all there and will be resolved with the 5.1 patch.

Strong Traps
We applied a hotfix to attempt to resolve issues of not properly receiving the upgraded Strong and Pristine traps. Please let us know if you're still having the issue, what character and realm is seeing the issue, and once you received the achievement, did your trap art, tooltip or icon change to reflect an upgraded trap? [source]

If you have additional information or details regarding Pet Battles dailies not resetting or not being offered, and Strong Traps not being awarded, leave a response on the appropriate threads linked above.

Let's help developers squish these bugs!
Posted by Quintessence
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Upcoming Pet: Fire Kitten

October 11, 2012
Blizzard recently announced a new pet to be released in the near future, a Fire Kitten! [source]

Upcoming Pet: Fire Kitten
Details on how this companion will be obtained are still unknown.

This adorable, fired up little kitty is seeking a new caretaker. Adoption details coming soon!

Hot stuff!
Posted by Quintessence
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5.1 PTR Patch Notes for Pets

October 11, 2012
UPDATE: Wowhead found more information on how to obtain the 6 new pets in patch 5.1. See below. [source]

The PTR for the next major content patch, 5.1, is live and ready for testing. Here are the notable changes and datamined discoveries from the PTR. [source]

  • 6 possible new pets!
    1. Imperial Moth - Possible drop while doing an Imperial Silk (Tailoring) transmute in the Silken Fields. Bind on Use.
    2. Imperial Silkworm - Same as above.
    3. Darkmoon Hatchling - Darmoon Faire pet vendor. 90 Darkmoon Faire Tickets. Bind on Use.
    4. Darkmoon Glowfly - Wild battle pet that's capturable on the Darkmoon Island.
    5. Darkmoon Eye - Possible drop from Darkmoon Pet Supplies (new Tamer daily reward). Bind on Use.
    6. Cinder Kitten - From the Blizzard Pet Store. Bind on Pick Up.

  • A new achievement to defeat 8 legendary pets. Completing this achievement will award the Red Panda Cub.
  • The total number of pets you can have in your journal has been raised from 500 to 650!
  • New items that will allow you to upgrade companions to a higher quality. Certain Battle-Stones have unique properties and can come from different sources, such as defeating a wild pet in battle, the Sack of Pet Supplies rewarded from Tamer Dailies, and even from vendors for Justice Points.
  • You will be able to filter by name, type, rarity and level in the Pet Journal. A new search function will also make it possible to search for companions found in a specific zone.
  • Qualities of pets will be displayed while in a battle.
  • The achievement Taming the World will award a Safari Hat, which increases experience gained by your pets from a Pet Battle by 10%.
  • New Darkmoon Faire Tamer quests and dailies, and two new pets can be captured from the Darkmoon Island.

To view the full list of new additions and changes, check out the official patch notes or the datamined list on MMO-Champion linked above.
Posted by Quintessence
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Average Stats Per Level for All Pet Profiles

October 13, 2012
We're excited to share a useful new feature that was mentioned during the website update and revamp — Average Stats Per Level!

Try It Out!
Under the Battle Info tab on every pet's profile, there's a new tool you can use to determine its average stats at any level for any quality.

Average Stats Per Level
Simply use the slider to choose the pet's level and the drop down menu to select a specific quality. (Note that many pets come in only one quality so other options will be unavailable.) Once you've made your selections, the average health, power and speed values will be automatically shown.

How It Works
Each time a WarcraftPets user imports their collection, the stats of their pets are saved. We combine all the stats of every pet from every updated collection to calculate the average. This average is what's shown when generating a battle pet's health, power and speed values depending on its level and quality.

Now you can preview how a pet's stats will scale as it levels up. This should be very helpful when creating a new Pet Battle team!
Posted by Quintessence
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WarcraftPets Wall and Homepage Updates

October 16, 2012
We regularly review website suggestions to continuously improve WarcraftPets. Based on recent feedback, we've made a few changes to our new homepage and the site in general.

The WarcraftPets Wall
Comments Wall Posts
Through your feedback, we learned that the comment stream we've had on WarcraftPets for years was being overlooked by many of our newest members. The problem turned out to be a labeling issue. Our label of "latest comments" proved too vague and confusing.

But thanks to the growing popularity of sites like Facebook, the concept of "status updates" and "wall posts" are much more universally understood. So we've done a bit of site-wide updating to transform our latest comments stream into the WarcraftPets Wall. Anytime you like, feel free to update your status and add to the conversation.

Make Yourself at Home
To further promote the newly dubbed WarcraftPets Wall, we've extended the number of comments status updates shown at the bottom of the homepage from three to five.

In addition, our homepage now features a listing of several of our most recent news stories following the featured news post. This should help you keep up-to-date on all the latest battle pet news, even if you only visit us once in a while.

Of course, we'd love to see you become a WarcraftPets regular. So pull up a chair, get comfy, update your pet collection and share your status.
Posted by Breanni
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Patch 5.1 PTR: Four New Pets

October 17, 2012
Four more lovely pets have been datamined from the latest PTR build. [source]

  • Pandaren Fire Spirit - BoU
  • Pandaren Air Spirit - BoU
  • Pandaren Earth Spirit - BoU
  • Clock'em - BoE

Wondering why there are only three Pandaren elemental spirits, when there are normally four elements? The Pandaren Water Spirit was originally datamined from the MoP beta and was added to the game files in patch 5.0.4, but it was never made available to players.

Hopefully all four Pandaren spirits will eventually make their way into player hands and collections in the near future.

We'll provide an update as soon as we find out how these companions will be obtained!
Posted by Quintessence
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World of Petcraft #25

October 19, 2012
Enjoy our monthly web comic created for WoW pet collectors! We feature a new World of Petcraft strip every month.

World of Petcraft #25
About the Artist
Meaghan McLaughlin is an aspiring artist and the author of "Nerds Illustrated." She's currently available to create custom WoW artwork.
Posted by Breanni
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New Elemental Tamer Quests In Patch 5.1

October 20, 2012
We've discovered how to obtain the new Pandaren elemental spirits!

The Pandaren elemental spirits that were recently datamined from the 5.1 PTR are listed on Wowhead as quest rewards for a new Tamer quest, Pandaren Spirit Tamer.There's also a daily quest that shares the same name.

According to Mumper, lead content designer, this new Spirit Tamer quest will only be available after you have completed the main Pet Battles quest chain (currently ends with the quest Zen Master Aki). [source]

These quests are flagged as account-wide, which means you may only complete them once per account. However, your progress is saved, so after unlocking the daily quests on one character, you can pick it up and complete it on another toon.

Collecting All Four
The main quest offers you a choice of only one out of the four pets, but don't worry! You'll be able to obtain all four Pandaren elemental spirits.

Mumper confirmed on Twitter that although you can only choose one pet from the initial quest, each spirit has its own daily bag reward that has the chance to drop the corresponding elemental spirit. [source]

So get your pet team ready, more Tamer quests and dailies will be coming in the near future!
Posted by Quintessence
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5.1 PTR: 14+ New Wild Pets

October 24, 2012
In addition to the new pets that drop from vanilla raid bosses, there will be even more wild pets to capture in Patch 5.1.

The Pet Journal on the PTR lists 14 possible new wild pets.

  • Anodized Robo Cub (Mechanical mechanical) - Winterspring
  • Arcane Eye (Magic magic) - Deadwind Pass
  • Cogblade Raptor (Mechanical mechanical) - Blade's Edge Mountains
  • Crow (Flying flying) - Darkmoon Island
  • Emerald Proto-Whelp (Dragonkin dragonkin) - Sholazar Basin
  • Fluxfire Feline (Mechanical mechanical) - Dun Murogh
  • Harpy Youngling (Humanoid humanoid) - Northern Barrens
  • Honky Tonk (Mechanical mechanical) - Unknown
  • Infinite Whelpling (Dragonkin dragonkin) - Caverns of Time
  • Kun-Lai Runt (Humanoid humanoid) - Kun-Lai Summit
  • Lofty Libram (Magic magic) - Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Nexus Whelpling (Dragonkin dragonkin) - Coldarra (Borean Tundra)
  • Stunted Yeti (Humanoid humanoid) - Feralas
  • Sumprush Rodent (Beast beast) - Krasarang Wilds

These 14 possible pets accompany a 15th that we reported previously: the Darkmoon Glowfly (Flying flying) found on Darkmoon Island.

For a sneak peak at many of these new pets, check out the latest post at Perks N Peeves: Preview: New Wild Pets and Raid Pets

With so many new pets to collect in Patch 5.1, it's a good thing the cap will be raised from 500 (total) pets to 650!
Posted by Quintessence
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5.1 PTR: Pets From Vanilla Raids

October 26, 2012
UPDATE: The Pet Journal on the PTR lists where each pet will come from. We've updated the list below with information on which boss and raid will drop the pet.

Mr. Bigglesworth has changed from a dropped companion to a pet reward for completing the achievement to collect all the pets listed below.

A new achievement was datamined from the latest 5.1 PTR build, plus 12 new pets that correspond with it (plus one extra that's not part of the achievement)! [source]

The new achievement is called Classic Raid Collector Raiding With Leashes and requires you to collect all the pets listed under the achievement. As the name implies, these companions drop from raid bosses. They will be Bind on Pick Up.

  • Anubisath Idol - Emperor Vek'lor (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
  • Ashstone Core - Golemagg (Molten Core)
  • Chrominius - Chromaggus (Blackwing Lair)
  • Corefire Imp - Magmadar (Molten Core)
  • Death Talon Whelpguard - Broodlord Lashlayer (Blackwing Lair)
  • Fungal Abomination - Loatheb (Naxxramas)
  • Giant Bone Spider - Maexxna (Naxxramas)
  • Harbinger of Flame - Sulfuron Harbinger (Molten Core)
  • Mini Mindslayer - Prophet Skeram (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)
  • Mr. Bigglesworth - Reward for completing Raiding With Leashes
  • Stitched Pup - Gluth (Naxxramas)
  • Untamed Hatchling - Razorgore the Untamed (Blackwing Lair)
  • Viscidus Globule - Viscidus (Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)

Although 13 pets were datamined, only 12 will be from raid bosses.

Let's Get Ready to Raid!
Mumper confirmed on Twitter that the newly discovered pets will indeed drop from the vanilla raids—Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, and Naxxramas. [source]

The droprate for each pet is described by Mumper as "not too bad", and he's confirmed that the companions from Naxxramas will be available from both 10 and 25 man.

There are still many questions surrounding the new pets. Which bosses will they come from? And will they be adorable miniature versions of those bosses?

We'll update with more information as soon as we find out!
Posted by Quintessence
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5.1 PTR: Battle Pet UI Updates

October 27, 2012
There are a few new interface updates in Patch 5.1, many of which have been suggested by players.

Updated Tooltips
With the addition of the Pet Journal and ability to have duplicates of certain pets, the "Already known" error message on pet tooltips was removed. This was somewhat frustrating for players seeking to purchase pets, but had trouble determining if they already owned that companion.

Number collected in tooltips
In the upcoming patch, tooltips will show how many of that specific pet you have in your collection. The number will show up on both caged and non-caged pets.

If you've collected the maximum number, this text on the pet's tooltip will turn red to indicate that you can't add that companion to your collection until you're under the cap.

Viewing Pet Quality
Many players are currently using addons that show the quality of wild pets during combat. This convenience has been implemented into the Pet Battle UI in 5.1!

The border and name of each wild companion will appear in the corresponding color of the pet's quality during a battle. You'll be able to view what quality each pet is before you capture them, and without the aid of an addon.

The quality of your own pets will also be shown in the Pet Journal. This includes wild pets and older, pre-MoP companions.

Pet Levels of Zones
Another new addition to the interface is the addition of pet levels for each zone on the world map. Just hover over each zone, and the level of the wild pets found there will be shown underneath the zone name.

Average Stats Per LevelZones that exceed your current pet team's level will show up in red text (pictured above). More level appropriate areas will appear in green and yellow text, much like quest levels appear in the quest log.

There are other updates coming in Patch 5.1, such as more filtering and sorting options in the Pet Journal. With all of these Pet Battles UI changes, this wonderful mini-game is set to be even more enjoyable in the next patch!
Posted by Quintessence
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Stat Calculator for Battle Pets and Other Updates

October 28, 2012
A couple weeks ago, we added Average Stats per Level to each pet's profile. While this was a step in the right direction, the averages really didn't help when trying to obtain a specific set of stats.

Since then, we've been able to build a robust database of every possible stat configuration for every battle pet. This helped us transform our "Average Stats per Level" into a much more precise "Stat Calculator."

Calculating a Pet's Stats
Each battle pet's Stat Calculator is found at the top of its "Battle Info" tab. As before, you'll see a slider to adjust the pet's level and a dropdown menu to select its available rarities.

Battle Pet Stat Calculator
What's new is the addition of a small graph that displays a series of modifiers for the health, power and speed of each pet. These modifiers indicate a pet's available "breeds." Cycle through each breed to tweak the overall stats of the pet.

Precise Numbers
Because our data comes directly from the Armory and in-game imports of WarcraftPets users, it's extremely accurate. You won't find any rarities or stat configurations that don't currently exist in WoW. Therefore, if a pet comes in only one rarity and has only one possible stat build, that's all you'll see when you calculate its stats.

Other Updates
Along with implementing Stat Calculators, we've also made a few other usability tweaks.

First up, we've added icons to our pet listings throughout the site to make it easier to discern the pet's family at glance.

Improved pet listings
We've also added larger images which display when you mouse-over the tiny thumbnails shown in pet profiles under the Alternate Skins, Similar Models and Identical Abilities sections.

Lastly, we updated our Guide to Pet Battles with a new more user-friendly cheat sheet. This printable cheat sheet tells you exactly which pets to use (or avoid using) when battling against pets of certain families or abilities.

More to Come!
In the weeks ahead, we'll be providing even more improvements to WarcraftPets. Soon your pet collection will show you the rarity of your pets, as well as their levels and stats. We'll also give you some additional collection stats, such as the percentage of rares in your collection and the average level of your pets. What's more, when you view the profile of any pet you've collected, its stat calculator will automatically load the stats of your exact pet!

We also have plans to add a searchable database of every pet ability, with useful filtering options to help you find the perfect pet for your battle team.

Again, we thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy today's updates, as well as all the updates to come!
Posted by Breanni
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Pet Store Sale: Lil' K.T. 50% Off

October 30, 2012
Lil' K.T.
Looking for a diabolical little companion to accompany you on your adventures? Grab your very own Lil' K.T. today!

The Blizzard Pet Store is having a special sale, and this pint-sized lich companion is 50% off. This sale is only available for one week, so don't delay in adopting him.

In honor of Hallow’s End, Lil’ KT, the undead companion pet, has risen from the buried depths of the Blizzard Store, where he is now on sale for just $5. That’s 50% off the regular price, making this a great time to fill your guildmates trick-or-treat bags (or round out your own pet collection) with an tiny, maniacal Archlich, hell bent on freezing nearby critters.

Hurry though—this offer ends November, 5 2012 at 11:59 PM PDT.
Posted by Quintessence
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