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2012 Arena Pass Registration Now Open

April 11, 2012
UPDATE: Here is the schedule of the Arena Pass event. [source]

  • May 22 - Registration for the Arena Pass ends.
  • April 24 through May 8 - Practice Phase. Any matches played during these dates will not count towards the number required to earn the pet.
  • May 8 through June 5 - Ranked Ladder Phase. Any matches played during this time frame will count towards the number required to earn the pet.

Murkimus the Gladiator
Don't have Murkimus yet?

Well, here's your chance to collect him!

Registration for Blizzard's annual Arena Pass is now open for both North American and European regions. It will cost $20 USD or €15/£12 (per account) to sign up for this special event.

Things to Keep in Mind
Games haven't started yet, but here are some reminders about the Arena Pass event.

  • To be eligible for the pet, you must participate in at least 50 rated matches during a designated qualifying time period. Blizzard will likely announce the start and end dates of when matches count towards your rating.
  • While winning isn't required, it is highly recommended that all players make their best attempt at participating in the PVP event to the fullest. Intentionally losing may result in disqualification or a reset to the number of games necessary to qualify for the pet.
  • You must participate with a team of 3 (including yourself). If you or another player should leave your team at any point during the rated match time period, your played games will reset.
  • Murkimus will be mailed to eligible players on live realms roughly four to six weeks after the Arena Pass event concludes.
  • Your character that you wish to receive the pet on must be on the same account that you registered on for the Arena Pass.

For more information, check out the Arena Pass Frequently Asked Questions page.

Play With Fellow Collectors
If you're looking for a team and would like to play with others aiming for Murkimus as well, check out our forum thread for other WarcraftPets members seeking teams for the Arena Pass event. It's recommended that you include your playtime availability and a way to contact you to coordinate matches.

Good luck to everyone entering!
Posted by Quintessence
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