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FigurePets Series 2 and Murlocs

October 01, 2009
Snarly FigurePet collectible
FigurePrints has just released series 2 of their FigurePets™ collectibles. The new series is on sale beginning today. Remember, these are limited edition collectibles, so order while you have the chance. Series 2 includes:

These three pets are on sale through October 31st, so get yours now! Additionally, we encourage you to suggest future FigurePets and to discuss these adorable collectibles on our FigurePets affiliate page.

Murloc plushies too!
We also received word that the Murloc plushies available at BlizzCon are now being sold at the Blizzard Store. The blue Murky plush doll and the white Lurky plush doll are $15.00 each. Both are only available while supplies last.
Posted by Breanni
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<strike>Oswald</strike> Chilly the Penguin

October 11, 2009
UPDATE: It looks it'll be "Mr. Chilly" after all. The change over to "Oswald" was only temporary on the PTR.

It looks like we will finally be getting a pet penguin as a reward for merging our WoW account with Some of you may remember Mr. Chilly from the WotLK beta. Well several months and a name change later, he will be making his in-game debut!

According to MMO Champion players will have until November 12 to merge their WoW account to a account without affecting gameplay. After this time players without merged accounts will be unable to log in until they make the merge.

Once you’ve successfully merged a World of Warcraft account with a account, the penguin pet will be sent via in-game mail to all existing characters on the merged World of Warcraft account, along with all future characters on that World of Warcraft account. Players who merged previously will also receive the pet this way.

The new penguin pet has not gone live yet, but we expect him to be in-game soon. The ability to get him will be removed at some point, though no date has been set yet. Also, WoW accounts created after November 11th will be ineligible to receive the pet. So don't delay, merge your account today!
Posted by Sateena
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Improved Vanity Pet Filters

October 15, 2009
Improved Vanity Pet Filters
As a part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the usability of WarcraftPets, we've improved our Vanity Pet Filters in a couple of major ways:

Multiple filters at a time
First, we bring you the ability to toggle several filters at once. Did you ever wonder which dropped pets are bind-on-pickup versus bind-on-use? Or maybe you'd like to know whether you have any ultra-rare pets in your collection. This improvement gives users over a hundred new filtering options! It also paginates each view to avoid excessive scrolling.

New 'Exclusivity' filters
We've also added a bunch of new filters for Exclusivity, enabling users to filter pets by region and availability.

Your support
If you enjoy these kinds of improvements, we hope you'll consider supporting WarcraftPets with a small donation—every little bit helps.
Posted by Breanni
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Mr. Chilly Goes Live

October 15, 2009
Mr. Chilly
Over a year after he first appeared in the WotLK beta, Mr. Chilly the penguin has finally arrived! He apologizes for the delay but it took him that long to figure out the perfect name. Chilly wasn't dignified enough. Oswald was much too formal. But Mr. Chilly is classy and cool.

Mr. Chilly is awarded to all players who merge their existing (as of November 11th) WoW accounts with All current and future characters on eligible accounts will receive the pet via in-game mail from none other than our own Breanni. In the letter she calls Mr. Chilly a "sassy little Spheniscidae" (which is a fancy scientific term for penguin). See, I knew Breanni was a master geneticist!

Edited by Breanni:  Indeed, I am. Muwhahahahahahahaha!!!
Posted by Sateena
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YourGuild's Contest on WowStead

October 17, 2009
YourGuild's Contest on WowStead
WarcraftPets is excited to announce a new contest at YourGuild (through which we are co-sponsoring along with J!nx and FigurePrints. Entrants are invited to use their creative and technical skills to design WoW-themed skins to be published on YourGuild's site. In addition to showcasing your handiwork, you could win some amazing prizes, including:

  • TCG Tuskarr Kite code
  • Egbert FigurePet
  • $50 US J!NX Gift Certificate
  • 60 Days WoW Game Time
  • And other cool prizes!

If interested, check out the contest rules and additional information to get you started. Some sample skins are linked below:

If you have questions regarding this contest, please direct them to WowStead. Good luck and have fun!
Posted by Sateena
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Mojo Solo-Farming Guide

October 20, 2009
Solo-Farming Mojo
NEW GUIDE! Mojo has been a notoriously difficult pet to get because he resides in a raid dungeon, has a low drop rate, and often required the help of other players. Since patch 3.2, the gates to Zul'Aman can be opened by a single player, meaning Mojo can now be easily... well, more easily solo-farmed.

Thanks to Keristrazja, we have an awesome step-by-step solo-farming guide to help players get their Mojo! If you've been putting off adding this amorous amphibian to your pet collection, it's time to add him to your "to do" list. Happy farming!
Posted by Sateena
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Guide: Vanity Pets by Zone

October 23, 2009
NEW GUIDE! We've offered pet filtering since WarcraftPets began, but we've never had a way for collectors to filter by zone—until now. Our new Vanity Pets by Zone guide displays pets by continent, zone, and zone level. Built in functionality allows you to toggle event-based pets on or off. Both new pet collectors and casual collectors alike will get a lot of use out of this guide.

New Collectors: Begin at the top of a continent and work your way down, stopping only in those zones that offer pets. And if you're at the lower levels, you'll appreciate the level-based sorting, allowing you to easily collect pets as you level from zone to zone.

Casual Collectors: Bookmark this guide and use it throughout your daily travels. When you hit a zone, you'll quickly discover whether there are any pets worth grabbing in the nearby vicinity.

If you enjoy this guide, drop us a line. We always appreciate your feedback.
Posted by Breanni
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Macabre Marionette

October 30, 2009
Macabre Marionette
Vanity pet collectors around the world have been waiting with bated breath to see if the Day of the Dead will bring us a new cool pet. The Macabre Marionette that we saw data-mined from patch 3.2.2 will indeed be available during this brief holiday. Unfortunately it's not a true vanity pet.

The Day of the Dead is a time to pay tribute to our dearly departed. Celebrants gather in graveyards to "cook, drink, don costumes and more!" Apparently the "and more" part involves feeding over-indulgent friendly spirits. As a reward you will receive the Macabre Marionette. Here's how:

  1. Visit the graveyard outside your race's home city.
  2. Purchase an Orange Marigold or a Bouquet of Orange Marigolds from Chapman.
  3. Use the flowers to see the otherwise invisible spirit.
  4. Acquire some Bread of the Dead (recipe sold by Chapman) and give it to the Cheerful Spirit.

Posted by Sateena
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