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Messaging allows members to send private messages to one another, enabling the coordination of in-game trades, pet collecting runs, and hopefully long-lasting

Messages are relayed through the site, keeping the email addresses of both the sender and the recipient private.

To Disable Messaging

By default, messaging is set to 'enabled', thereby allowing you to send and receive messages. This setting can be disabled from your account page. To enable or disable the setting, simply click the checkbox.

Enabled: When messaging is enabled, you can receive messages via email from other members who have messaging enabled. Members can send messages to you by visiting your profile and clicking the 'Email User' link, however your email address will never be revealed.

Disabled: When you disable messaging, you cannot send or receive messages. When other members (including those with messaging enabled) visit your profile, they will not find a link to email you. Similarly, when you visit the profiles of other members, there will be no link to email them.

Composing a Message

You must be signed in and messaging must be 'enabled' to compose a message to another member. Additionally, messages are sent in plain text. As such, no special formatting is supported.

Replying to a Message

When you receive a message from another member, at the bottom you will find a link to send a reply. That link will direct you to this site where you can compose your reply.

Note that you are free to share your email address with other members to simplify the communication process, but you do so at your own risk.

Appropriate Conduct

All messages relayed through this website are subject to the rules of conduct outlined in the User Guidelines. To report a member for an inappropriate message he/she sent through this site, forward the message to .

Policy last revised: 21-Sep-2012.

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