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In-Game Data

We encourage you to update your profile with:

  • your main character
  • your region
  • your realm
  • your faction

With this information, you can easily import your entire pet collection (along with each pet's level, rarity and stats) directly from the official WoW Armory.

In addition, you can be found by other pet collectors on your realm to coordinate in-game trades, cross-faction deals, pet collecting runs, and hopefully long-lasting friendships. This data also allows your account to be listed on the Top 500 collection list and our realm lists.


Get noticed! If you'd like to be reached by others to coordinate pet collecting activities, follow these tips and update your account accordingly.

  1. Add your region, realm and faction. This will permit you to be found by others on your server.
  2. Add your character's name and make sure it's spelled correctly. That way, people can find you in-game. Doing this will also add a character link to your profile and allow you to import your collection from the WoW Armory.
  3. Enable messaging so that collectors can contact you through this site. Additionally, make sure your account is tied to a working email address—one that you check regularly.


We do not share any in-game information with third parties. All data collected through our site is fully protected under our privacy policy.

Policy last revised: 21-Sep-2012.

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