Want Corlain Falcon (Vosk's 1-at-a-time Full Needs/Haves)

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Want Corlain Falcon (Vosk's 1-at-a-time Full Needs/Haves)

Post by Voskres » January 1st, 2022, 7:38 pm

Trying this one at a time to break down the easy ones.

I need a Corlain Falcon. Also need a few of the other Ally only BFA ones (like Papi).
Have lots of tokens to buy you something in exchange for you using your tokens.

Please look below at the Needs and Haves. Will clean it up better as time goes on. Thanks for looking.

Amaranthine Stinger — [Amaranthine Stinger]
Aqir Tunneler — [Black Chitinous Plate]
Armored Vaultbot — [Armored Vaultbot]
Blushing Spiderling — [Blushing Spiderling]
Boneweave Hatchling — [Boneweave Hatchling]
Brinestone Algan — [Brinestone Algan]
Bubbling Pustule — [Bubbling Pustule]
Budding Algan — [Budding Algan]
Caverndark Nightmare — [Caverndark Nightmare]
Child of Pa'ku — [Enchanted Talon of Pa'ku]
Corlain Falcon — [Pristine Falcon Feather]
Corpselouse Larva — [Corpselouse Larva]
Corrupted Tentacle — [Corrupted Tentacle]
Courage — [Courage]
Devoured Wader — [Devoured Wader]
Eye of Extermination — [Eye of Extermination]
Filthy Slime — [Filthy Bucket]
Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm — [Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm]
Ghostly Whelpling — [Ghostly Whelpling]
Gilded Wader — [Gilded Wader]
Gizmo — [Gizmo]
Gloop — [Bottle of Gloop]
Golden Eye — [Golden Eye]
Golden Snorf — [Golden Snorf]
Indigo — [Indigo]
Invertebrate Oil — [Invertebrate Oil]
Jade Defender — [Jade Defender]
K'uddly — [K'uddly]
Knockoff Blingtron — [Knockoff Blingtron]
Larion Pouncer — [Larion Pouncer]
Microbot 8D — [Microbot 8D]
Papi — [Papi]
Rarity — [Rarity]
Rebellious Imp — [Rebellious Imp]
Rotbreath — [Stinky Sack]
Sandkeep — [Sandkeep]
Scalebrood Hydra — [Scalebrood Hydra]
Seafury — [Seafury]
Sharpclaw — [Sharpclaw]
Silvershell Snapper — [Silvershell Snapper]
Skittering Eel — [Skittering Eel]
Spawn of Krag'wa — [Spawn of Krag'wa]
Spawn of Merektha — [Spawn of Merektha]
Spraybot 0D — [Spraybot 0D]
Steward Featherling — [Steward Featherling]
Thunder Lizard Runt — [Thundering Scale of Akunda]
Vengeful Chicken — [Intact Chicken Brain]
Wicked Lurker — [Wicked Lurker]
Writhing Spine — [Writhing Spine]

Albino Chimaeraling — [Albino Chimaeraling]
Aldrusian Sproutling — [Aldrusian Sproutling]
Ashleaf Spriteling — [Ashleaf Spriteling]
Benax — [Benax]nown
Bloodlouse Larva — [Bloodlouse Larva]
Bloodstone Tunneler — [Bloodstone Tunneler]
Bonebiter — [Bonebiter]
Chompy — [Chompy]
Copperback Etherwyrm — [Copperback Etherwyrm]
Corrupted Blood — [Elementium Back Plate]
Corrupted Nest Guardian — [Corrupted Nest Guardian]
Dal — [Dal's Courier Badge]
Dandelion Frolicker — [Dandelion Frolicker]
Darkshore Sentinel — [Darkshore Sentinel]
Death Talon Whelpguard — [Blackwing Banner]
Decaying Mawrat — [Decaying Mawrat]
Devouring Animite — [Devouring Animite]
Doom Bloom — [Doom Bloom]
Dreadmaw — [Giant Worm Egg]
False Knucklebump — [False Knucklebump]
Felbat Pup — [Felbat Pup]
Fetid Waveling — [Fetid Waveling]
Firewing — [Firewing]
Fodder — [Fodder]
Foulfeather — [Plagued Egg]
Fragment of Desire — [Fragment of Desire]
Fuzzy Creepling — [Fuzzy Creepling]
Ghastly Kid — [Spectral Bell]
Ghostly Skull — [Ghostly Skull]
Grappling Gauntlet — [Grappling Gauntlet]
Grumpling — [Grumpling]
Harmonious Porcupette — [Harmonious Porcupette]
Hungering Claw — [Hungering Claw]
Hungry Burrower — [Hungry Burrower]
Infernal Pyreclaw — [Fandral's Pet Carrier]
Iridescent Ooze — [Reanimated Plague]
Korthian Specimen — [Korthian Specimen]
Kunchong Hatchling — [Kunchong Hatchling]
Larion Cub — [Larion Cub]
Laughing Stonekin — [Laughing Stonekin]
Lavender Nibbler — [Lavender Nibbler]
Leviathan Hatchling — [Leviathan Egg]
Lil' Bad Wolf — [Spiky Collar]
Lil' Bling — [Lil' Bling]
Littlehoof — [Littlehoof]
Lost Featherling — [Lost Featherling]
Macabre Marionette — [Macabre Marionette]
Micromancer — [Micromancer's Mystical Cowl]
Mischievous Zephyr — [Mischievous Zephyr]
Nightwreathed Watcher — [Nightwreathed Watcher]
OOX-35/MG — [OOX-35/MG]
Orphaned Felbat — [Orphaned Felbat]
Pandaren Air Spirit — [Pandaren Air Spirit]
Pandaren Earth Spirit — [Pandaren Earth Spirit]
Pandaren Fire Spirit — [Pandaren Fire Spirit]
Pernicious Bonetusk — [Pernicious Bonetusk]
Pocket Reaver — [Tiny Fel Engine Key]
Ragepeep — [Angry Egg]
Rattlejaw — [Shadowy Pile of Bones]
Ridgeback Piglet — [Ridgeback Piglet]
Rook — [Rook]
Runeforged Servitor — [Stormforged Rune]
Runelight Leaper — [Runelight Leaper]
Scabby — [Scabby]
Scuttle — [Scuttle]
Sewer-Pipe Jelly — [Sewer-Pipe Jelly]
Shadefeather Hatchling — [Shadefeather Hatchling]
Shy Melvin — [Shy Melvin]
Sister of Temptation — [Sultry Grimoire]
Sky-Bo — [Sky-Bo]
Slimy Darkhunter — [Slimy Darkhunter]
Slimy Eel — [Slimy Eel]
Slimy Fangtooth — [Slimy Fangtooth]
Slimy Hermit Crab — [Slimy Hermit Crab]
Slimy Octopode — [Slimy Octopode]
Slimy Sea Slug — [Slimy Sea Slug]
Sly — [Sly]
Snapper — [Snapper]
Squawkling — [Mana-Warped Egg]
Stinkrot — [Smelly Gravestone]
Stoneskin Dredwing Pup — [Stonewing Dredwing Pup]
Stony — [Stony's Infused Ruby]
Sun Sproutling — [Sun Sproutling]
Sunfur Panda — [Sunfur Panda]
Surger — [Vibrating Stone]
Teeny Titan Orb — [Teeny Titan Orb]
Thaumaturgical Piglet — [Thaumaturgical Piglet]
Thistlebrush Bud — [Thistlebrush Bud]
Thunderscale Whelpling — [Thunderscale Whelpling]
Toxic Wasteling — [Toxic Wasteling]
Transmutant — [Transmutant]
Trapped Stonefiend — [Trapped Stonefiend]
Undying Deathroach — [Undying Deathroach]
Unstable Tendril — [Severed Tentacle]
Veilwatcher Hatchling — [Veilwatcher Hatchling]
Void-Scarred Beetle — [Void Cocoon]
Voidwiggler — [Tiny Grimoire]
Weebomination — [Weebomination]
Wretched Servant — [Servant's Bell]
Young Talbuk — [Young Talbuk]
Young Venomfang — [Young Venomfang]
Zandalari Kneebiter — [Zandalari Kneebiter]

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Re: Want Corlain Falcon (Vosk's 1-at-a-time Full Needs/Haves)

Post by Voskres » January 7th, 2022, 11:51 pm

Please btag me or message me if you have a falcon or something else I need.


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