Recruit-A-Friend (How to recruit yourself)

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Recruit-A-Friend (How to recruit yourself)

Post by Quintessence » May 10th, 2019, 2:03 pm

If you are looking to collecting the Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) battle pet rewards but do not want to put the burden on friends or strangers, you can RAF yourself!

The Recruit-A-Friend program will be going on hiatus starting June 11, 2019. It's unknown when it will be making a return, what changes will be made, and what will happen to the rewards.

There are 4 pets to choose from (BoP, not cageable), which means you'll need to repeat the RAF process 4 times.

How To Recruit Yourself:
1. Log into your main character and open your friends window.

2. Find the "hand" icon in that window (upper right) and click that button.

3. Type in your current email address that you use for your Bnet account.

4. Check that email address for an email from and click the link provided. (check spam folder)

5. Follow the RAF steps (choose the option that says "I already have a Bnet account" if you want to keep your RAF account on the same one as your main account). If adding the RAF account to your existing Bnet account, you'll be prompted to log in.

6. After logging in, you'll run into an error (might be fixed in the future). Click on the "Apply code" option (code should already be filled in). This auto-applies a Starter Edition account at no cost (you can view it in your WoW licenses list when you check your account management page on; WoW1, WoW2, etc.).

7. Add 3 month's worth of game time to the new account by either heading over to the store and buying game time or adding a 3 month subscription. If you want to use a WoW Token on the RAF account, you must first apply at least 1 month of game time to unlock access to trades and the Auction House (adding game time/subscription upgrades a "Starter Account" into a normal version, and only normal accounts have access to trades, mail and the AH).

8. Done! Main account needs to wait 8 days from the time the 3 months game time was applied (must be billed and not a pending transaction) to receive the RAF rewards. Redeem your reward by logging into the character from which you sent the RAF invitation, and there should be a notification over your social button.

Total USD cost for one(1) RAF:
  • $45 (3 months game time) OR
  • $42 (3 months subscription) OR
  • $15 (1 month game time) + Gold price of WoW Token will vary
As of Patch 8.0, the RAF system was updated and streamlined. You no longer need to purchase and add the base game or WoW Battlechest to get started.

If buying a subscription, remember to cancel it before the auto-billing incurs!
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Re: Recruit-A-Friend (How to recruit yourself)

Post by Tunguska » May 13th, 2019, 7:12 pm

Total USD cost for one(1) RAF:
$45 (3 months game time) OR
$42 (3 months subscription) OR
$15 (1 month game time) + Gold price of WoW Token will vary

So that times four if we want all the pets?


And ty for explaining how to recruit ourselves!!!

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