WTT Horde PPC for Ally PPC pets

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WTT Horde PPC for Ally PPC pets

Post by Riffanhash » April 10th, 2019, 8:47 am

Greetings fellow zookeepers!

I'm looking to obtain the Alliance PPC pets listed below, in exchange for Horde PPC pets.
I'm also looking to obtain a rebuilt gorilla bot in exchange for my rebuilt mechanical spider.

I want:

Abyssal Eel (75)
Bilefang Skitterer (100)
Corlain Falcon (200)
Drustvar Piglet (75)
Frenzied Cottontail (300)
Greatwing Macaw (50)
Mechanical Prairie Dog (75)
Seabreeze Bumblebee (250)
Smoochums (200)
Rebuilt Gorilla Bot

Pets I can offer:

Accursed Hexxer (500)
Bloodfeaster Larva (200)
Child of Jani (100)
Lil’ Benfon (300)
Lil’ Tika (200)
Lil’ War Machine (200)
Ranishu Runt (250)
Swamp toad (200)
Tiny DIrehorn (100)
Tragg the Curious (75)
Zandalari Shinchomper (50)
Rebuilt mechanical spider

Most of these pets I currently have collected, some will require a quick vendor stop. Ideally a trade should be of equivalent value, but I wouldn’t be fussed about coming out <=100 PPCs short in a large trade.

Feel free to hit me up on the forum, or in game. Looking forward to some trading :)


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