Youkaiyume's Pet Trades

Arrange pet trades on US and Oceanic servers.
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Youkaiyume's Pet Trades

Post by Youkaiyume » October 8th, 2018, 3:59 am


Coldlight Surfrunner (Island Expeditions)
Craghoof Kid (Island Expeditions)
Deathsting Scorpid (Island Expeditions)
False Knucklebumb (Island Expeditions)
Inky (Island Expeditions)
Juvenile Brineshell (Island Expeditions)
Kindleweb Spiderling (Island Expeditions)
Mushflank Calfling (Island Expeditions)
Octopode Fry (Island Expeditions)
Poro (Island Expeditions)
Scuttle (Island Expeditions)
Snapper (Island Expeditions)
Snort (Island Expeditions)
Thistlebrush Bud (Island Expeditions)
Tinder Pup (Island Expeditions)
Voru'kar Leecher (Island Expeditions)

Abyssal Eel (75 tokens)
Accursed Hexxer (500 tokens)
Barnacled Hermit Crab (50 tokens)
Bilefang Skitterer (100 tokens)
Bloodfeaster Larva (200 tokens)
Blue Flitter (100 tokens)
Carnivorous Lasher (100 tokens)
Child of Jani (100 tokens)
Corlain Falcon (200 tokens)
Cou'pa (200 tokens)
Crimson Frog (100 tokens)
Drustvar Piglet (75 tokens)
Frenzied Cottontail (300 tokens)
Freshwater Pincher (250 tokens)
Greatwing Macaw (50 tokens)
Lil' Ben'fon (300 tokens)
Lil' Tika (200 tokens)
Mechanical Prairie Dog (75 tokens)
Ranishu Runt (250 tokens)
Sandstinger Wasp (50 tokens)
Saurolisk Hatchling (200 tokens)
Smoochums(200 tokens)
Swamp Toad (200 tokens)
Tiny Direhorn (100 tokens)
Tragg the Curious (75 tokens)
Zandalari Shinchomper (50 tokens)

Baby Crawg (Alchemy)
Bloodfeaster Larva (Alchemy)
Gearspring Hopper (Alchemy)
Slippy (Alchemy)

Everling Spore (Damp Pet Supplies)
Knockoff Blingtron (Blingtron 6000)
Spineclaw Crab (Monsterous Spineclaw)

Vengeful Chicken (Quest)

Filthy Slime (Mythic Drop)
Spawn of Merektha (Mythic Drop)

Lil' War Machine (The Honorbound)
Lagan (Poor Unfortunate Souls)
Golden Pig (RAF)
Silver Pig (RAF)
Zipao Tiger (RAF)
Jade Tiger (RAF)

(Stretching beyond this point a bit but hey a girl can dream can't she? :P)

Baneling (Starcraft II HotS CE)
Zeradar (Starcraft II LotV CE)
Mini Thor (Starcraft II WoL CE)
Murky (Blizcon 2005)
Grunty (Blizcon 2009)
Murkablo (Blizcon 2011)
Fetish Shaman (D3 CE)
Netherwhelp (BC CE)



Unstable Tendril x2
Lovebrid Hatchling x2
Frostwolf Ghostpup x2
Hyjal Wisp
Ashleaf Spriteling
Giant Sewer Rat
Blackfuse Bombling

(All items are based off the US median/mean prices on Undermine)

Saurfang Alliance

Chromatic Sword (Est Value 800k-1M) <prefer to trade for a CE's if possible>
Rhinestone Sunglasses (Est Value 700k-1.1M)
Haunted Momento (Est Value 200k-400k)
Diamond-Tipped Cane (Est Value 40k-130k)
Bluegill Sandals (Est Value 270k-360k)
Cowl of Necromancy (Est Value 370k-600k)
Abyssal Cloth Handwraps (Est Value 250k-350k)
Smoldering Gloves (Est Value 360k-560k)
Can also make all 3 of the Jeweler's Monocle's (EST Value 20k-130k depending on colour)

Wyrmrest Accord Alliance
Jade Gauntlets (Est Value 17k-60k)

Will update as i get more

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