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Speed strategies for WoD tamers

Discuss pet battles, strategy and theorycrafting.
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Speed strategies for WoD tamers

Postby Vancleef » June 13th, 2018, 6:16 pm

It's pet battle bonus week, so I thought I would post two speed strategies that I've figured out, to help anyone that is leveling pets. The strats are for Ashlei and Gargra in Draenor (I already posted the one for Ashlei in another thread). Both strats use less rounds than anything else I've seen online.


Blackfuse Bombling P/P (-/1/2)
levelling pet (won't take damage)
Spawn of Onyxia, any breed (2/2/2) (or Onyxian Whelpling)

1 Bombing Run
2 Armageddon -> bring in levelling pet
3 switch to Spawn of Onyxia
4 Scorched Earth (bomb drops, Pixiebell dies, dragon racial is activated)
5 Tail Sweep
6 Deep Breath
7 Deep Breath continues (Tally enters, Tally dies, dragon racial is activated)
8 Tail Sweep (Doodle dies)

It's probably possible for your dragon to die early if you're really unlucky with crits, but I haven't had it happen in 30+ attempts.


Blackfuse Bombling P/P (-/1/2)
Dibbler H/P (2/1/1)
levelling pet (won't take damage)

1 Bombing Run
2 Armageddon -> bring in Dibbler
3 Drill Charge (Wolfus dies)
4 Toxic Smoke (bomb drops, Fangra dies)
5 Toxic Smoke*
6 Explode (Wolfgar dies)

*If your Armageddon hits Wolfgar with a critical strike (he will have 735 health when he enters if it did), use Explode here instead

This strategy always works. The enemy pets will only have time to attack once, on round 6, and that attack can never do enough damage to kill your pet.

There is actually only one way for the above six-round rotation to ever fail, and that is if your Armageddon on round 2 crits the third pet, and then your Toxic Smoke on round 5 crits, and then the debuff from that Toxic Smoke crits, all in the same battle... so not very likely :). This will result in the tamer being defeated before you have time to cast Explode, and then your levelling will never enter the battle and won't get any xp. But this fail condition is prevented by doing Explode directly on round 5 if Armageddon crits, as I suggested above.


I don't have any particularly fast strategies for the other Draenor tamers. Vesharr and Taralune are the other two tamers I usually battle in Draenor, but their fights have a lot of randomness in them, so I haven't been able to figure out something good there.

What are the fastest strategies you know for the WoD tamers?

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