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Postby Flaya » September 13th, 2017, 5:09 pm

Here's what i got

Eye of observation
Purple puffer
Empowered manafiend
Empyreal manafiend
Servant of demidos
Ji-kun hatchling
pygmy direhorn
Tiny green carp
Nightmare Bell
Skunky alemental
Corrupted blood
Darkmoon eye
Docile skyfin
Energized manafiend
Fragment of anger
Gilnean raven (P/B)
Gulp froglet
Hungering claw
Hyacinth macaw
Leyline broodling
Magma rageling
Moon Moon (S/S)
Ominous Flame
Ore Eater (S/S)
Periwinkle calf
Rotten little helper
Shore crawler (P/P)
Death adder hatchling (S/S)
Snowy panda
Spineclaw crab
Twilight clutch sister
Wicked soul
Young Venomfang
Zangar spore

If interested please notify me at Lloyd#1841

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